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Our team is here to help your child grow to their full potential with our online ZOOM tutoring classes!
On this page, you can find our pricing info and get to know Eureka.

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Pricing Information

Introductory Session (30 Min.)


Extra Practice (30. Min)


Homework Help (30 Min.)


Cancellation Fee


Session Packages (Homework Help & Extra Practice)

5 Sessions

$50 ($5 Off)

10 Sessions

$105 ($5 Off)

20 Sessions

$215 ($5 Off)

30 Sessions 

$325 ($5 Off)

Session Package Information

Session packages can be used as vouchers at any time to book sessions. Packages can be shared if you have multiple students and can be used to book any session type. To purchase a session package, contact us here on our website for your order details.

Get to know us

Our Project

Eureka is an online tutoring project that we created to help fulfill our love for education. Our goal is to give every student a chance to have fun, learn, and progress as we did. 

Our Motivation

Eureka is our purpose, our driving force. We built this service to cater to those looking for the perfect way to give their child the proper education they deserve. Most importantly, Eureka continues to push us to achieve bigger and better things with each new challenge.

Our Values

Our team brings quality and the value to the table. With each session, we promise to make sure your child is moving forward in some way, shape, or form. 

Our Clients

In Eureka, the most important thing is our clients. We take top priority in making sure each child is given the proper elements that they require for top learning efficiency.