Payment & Policy

Please Read the Below:

As an organization, we expect that our clients provide the money listed in the pricing section. Payments should be completed within 3 days after the session, although it is expected that parents complete transactions before. If the payment is not completed after 3 days, we maintain the right to charge a late fee of $2. Failure to complete payments on a total scale with result in removal from Eureka. By booking a session with us, you agree to these terms. It is extremely crucial that you provide payment to the correct coach that you booked with. Please review your payment recipient carefully. In case of a situation where another coach subbed in, we will make sure to email you, although, the payment will be transferred amongst us if you pay a coach who was unable to take a lesson. We accept payments through Zelle. Please contact us if you have any questions about this. 


Coach Swara: [email protected]
Coach Abby: [email protected]
Enter this information in your Zelle® or Chase®  application and enter the amount owed. If you send the wrong amount, we will contact you and issue the extra back, or notify you to pay the remaining amount.