Summer Courses

At Eureka, we offer online summer courses for those interested in a fun learning experience. Bring a friend and learn together! Our courses range from incoming 1-8 graders. Courses begin on June 2nd, 2023.

Intro to Middle School English

This course is perfect for all middle school students who would like to enjoy reading, writing, and group work. In this course, students will read famous material and have discussions about the text. Students are encouraged to bring a friend for partner work.

Length: June 5 - June 19
Duration: 1 Hour
Frequency: Twice a week (Fridays and Mondays - 4:30 - 5:30)

Intro to Middle School Math

In this course, we cover math topics from all middle school years such as slope, quadratic equations, Pythagorean theorem, basic MS geometry, and arithmetic. Students from grades 5-8 are welcome in this course. 

Length: June 6 - June 22
Duration: 45 Min
Frequency: Twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays - 

The Science of Sports

This fun class is for those interested in sports and would like to learn more about how the sport you love comes to life. In the course, we dive into highlights from live sports games and dissect the aspects of the play. This course is recommended for grades 4-8. 

Intro to Music Theory

This course is perfect for those who have an eye for music. In this course, we cover basic note reading, identifying clefs, and composing our very own music. This course is offered to anyone in grades 4-8.

TV Writing

This course is specially made for those who enjoy watching TV shows and writing. In this course, students watch episodes of certain TV shows and write about the characters and analyze the content. 

Business Blastoff!

In this course made for 3-8 graders, we learn how to design your own business from scratch. Students come up with their very own proposal and pitch it to our instructors. Once their idea is approved, they can begin building their brand. We cover all aspects, like a website, logo, business cards, and finances.

Early Elementary Math

For our younger students, we offer early elementary math that covers the topics of grades 1-3. We will cover addition, subtraction, basic multiplication, and division.

Couldn't Find The Right Course?

If you or your child couldn't find what they were looking for in the course list, book a session package and we can your preferred all the material there. Please contact us if they would like to do it in a group and we can set up a group session!